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Marisol Cerezo

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Marisol Cerezo knows a bit about life in the Bay State.

Marisol carries a bachelor’s degree in finance. Even with a love for numbers, Marisol always knew she wanted to do something to help others in her work. 


After years of working as a Tax Examiner and similar positions within finance, Marisol made the switch to the nonprofit sector to follow her dream of giving back with the opportunity to use her previous work experience. Her new experience in residential services and her experience in finance, provided her the opportunity to develop VITA programming for the community she served where she could help community members complete and submit their taxes at no cost. 


Marisol has over 20 years of experience working with families in shelter programming. She has a passion for providing opportunities that help them to identify and meet their goals. She feels she has seen a lot of things in the field but know Meryl's Safe Haven will be different. She recognizes Meryl's Safe Haven is the opportunity to shelter the unsheltered and provide programming that matters to them.

Marisol Cerezo
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